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Caroline Burgon

Caroline is a doctoral researcher at the Shakespeare Institute, currently researching the presence of physical and mental health diagnoses in Theatre Practice and the influence and legacy of these diagnoses on the performance of Shakespeare's plays.

Although Caroline's current work primarily focuses on Theatre in the 21st Century and explores the connections between acting methods, actor training, character development and our understanding of the 'Self', Caroline is also very interested in the work of the Early Modern theatre companies.

"The current research undertaken by REP through the weekly play readings and the collective use of literary forensics is fascinating for me as a researcher and theatre practitioner. By examining the text and gathering information about the working relationships of the Early Modern actors and the Early Modern theatre companies, we gain a stronger understanding of the career progression of an actor and the structure of the theatre company, and how this affects the creation, survival, and publication of Early Modern plays written between 1594 and 1642. The work we do at REP is invaluable to me for exploring the origins of a production, and enables me to have a fuller understanding of the foundation of a play before examining the emergence of it in the 21st Century."

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